Cycle School


In today’s society, a woman is expected to function the same no matter what phase of her cycle she is in. In our times, most women have internalized this so strongly that they are quick to reject other possibilities. That was also my reaction many years ago.

Rote Rosen

Unfortunately, however, it is the case that a great many women suffer in various ways from failing to perceive and meet the cyclical needs of their body and soul. This ranges from PMS and pain during bleeding to self-reproaches for natural changes, for example in mood, performance or sexual desire, to shame and feelings of guilt. An infinite number of treasures lie precisely in making conscious use of these changes. However, many lack the necessary knowledge, but sometimes also the courage.

In fact, there are many women worldwide who are concerned with the rediscovery of the old knowledge of women and who make it available. After many years of experience and self-observation, today I have found a way for me to combine my cyclical nature with the requirements of modern life. In fact, I’m amazed at how much I could learn about myself and how much easier my life has become. And even today I discover something new in every cycle!

White Roses

In cycle school, these wonderful insights, which so many women before us naturally had at their disposal, can be reasserted. Part of it consists of imparting knowledge, another part of accompanied self-observation through several cycles (cycle observation sheet [PDF], explanation [PDF]), since every woman is of course individually different. Ultimately, it is about taking concrete steps to change in order to anchor the perceived needs in everyday life. Even relatively small steps can make things much easier.

In cycle school I combine my knowledge as an Advanced Moon Mother, according to Miranda Gray, with what I learned through years of research. In addition, of course, there are my personal skills and broad experience in accompanying people in general. It is possible to attend cycle school in a single sitting, with ideally 5 appointments at intervals of about one month. Or there is a whole group of women who want to take this wonderful path together. It is also favorable to combine cycle school with other offers, for example the womb blessing or the red tent, according to your own needs and wishes.