10 reasons to do postpartum vagianl steaming!


When Lilly got pregnant with her second child, she alredy knew, that it was not enought to prepare for childbirth, but she also needs to prepare for postpartum. So she started to look around, what she could do to support her recovery after birth. She learnd about vaginal steaming and got courious, how this could help her.

So what is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming is an acient technique used by women all over the world to support their femal health. The woman is sitting above a pot with hot herbal tea, allowing the steam to touch her genetalia. This brings warmth, liquids and herbal essences deep into the womans belly.

Why vaginl steaming is so helpful for women in postportum times?

Birth brings tremendous changes to womens bodies, maybe leaves them with some injuries and confronts them with huge physical, hormonal and emotional challanges. Here are the numerous benefits of postpartum vaginal steaming:

  • Steaming clears out lochia faster and more easely. Thus it reduces risk of infection and cramping in this context.
  • Steaming helps the womb to regain her sice and to shrink back into her original position.
  • Steaming helps the vaginal canal to regain elestisity.
  • By this to points steaming helps to prevent organ prolaps.
  • Steaming reduces the swelling of the skin and helps with the healing of tears.
  • As postpartum women tend to get hemoroids, steaming is reducing this risk.
  • Steaming helps the body to get rid of water retentions.
  • Steaming helps with relaxation, brings deep sleep and stimulates the builing of oxytosin. This helps women to have enougth milk for their baby and with breastfeeding.
  • Steaming helps the body to regain a healthy cycle and menstruation.

Is this proven or are these some funny idears?

Yes, this is proven by the fourth trimester vaginal steaming study!

So why was Lilly so happy?

Lilly was already prepared for postpartum steaming by her well informed steam practisioner before birth. Two days after burth she got the first steam session and everything she needed for steaming the next 30 days. The practisioner was there to support her every time she needed it. She loved steaming, because it was so relaxing, she slept wonderful and feld much better than she did after her first birth. She loved to feel the warmth of the steam and felt huge physical and emotional healing going on. The heartful care of the practisioner and the nurishing steam helped her to feel held an secure.

Is it worth to invest into female helth postpartum? As for Lilly she gave a clear YES!

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