Vaginal Steaming


Vaginal steaming, also called the Yoni steam bath, is an ancient method by which women in virtually all ancient cultures have nurtured and supported their womb health. Like so much else, it has unfortunately been forgotten, but is now increasingly reappearing. I myself got to know it as part of my Womb Awakening training as a womb shaman, in other words primarily in a spiritual context. I was immediately thrilled and so it didn’t take me long to find out how valuable the Yoni steam bath is for both female and male health.

In short, during a vaginal steaming session, a woman sits over a steaming herbal brew, so that the rising steam can easily reach the pelvic floor. The moisture and warmth of the steam does not remain hanging outside, but find their way through the vagina deep into the abdominal cavity. This feels incredibly pleasant and is very healthy!

For a healthy woman, the Yoni steam bath is wonderfully suitable for self-care. Since I find it very important for women to take their health care into their own hands, I have created an online workshop, which I call Vulva Wellness. It will be available in english, soon.

There are also certain situations in which the Yoni steam bath should never be done. That is why I explain everything that women should know in order to stream safely and relaxed in the online workshop.


However, the Yoni steam bath can do much more and supports female health in a variety of ways:

  • during transitions like the menarche and the menopause
  • with fertility
  • immediately before birth
  • in childbed
  • for all kinds of difficulties during the menstrual cycle
  • for a variety of gynecological issues
  • when dealing with experiences of violence
  • in case of loss of an unborn child
  • in spiritual development

In order to initiate energetic support, I first create an exact cycle analysis or situation analysis. From this I derive the exact application in frequency, duration and choice of herbs. In many cases, I can also give behavioral and nutritional tips. The rest of the procedure is usually done at home according to the circumstances and recommendations. Further advisory support is required to continue to fine-tune the procedure.

The costs for cycle analysis and evaluation amount to 150, -, 97, – for the basic information in the form of the online workshop “Vulva Wellness”, including all costs for herbs, and a monthly flat rate of 80, – for further monitoring and support.

Vaginal steaming is not a substitute for a medical examination and treatment.