Womb Awakening


Womb Awakening is a deeply spiritual, mystical-tantric approach that has given me a lot of ancient, female knowledge. This knowledge comes from a time before the establishment of patriarchy in the old traditions worldwide, which today are mostly taught in the dominance of the male principle. Womb Awakening is different and supports the deep harmony of female and male principles in people, in couple relationships and in the cosmos. Since the human body, and especially the womb, is sacred, it includes body meditations and prayers, breathing techniques, trances and the like. By practicing in these techniques, the body and psyche find themselves in a state of deep healing.



My womb lyra, Goddess healing, the lap room oracle and the Tibetan womb pulsing are exemples of ways to help people awaken the overwhelming wisdom and deep innocence of their lap space. Just try it or read the book “Womb Awakening” by Seren and Azra Bertrand, which I can highly recommend to you.

On the one hand, I would be happy to support you individually, also via Skype, if you want to conquer this unique spiritual approach (80,- per unit). On the other hand, I always present it at events such as the Heartculture Festival 2019, where around 45 women were at the workshop. A multi-day retreat with the wonderful Emmi Mutale is planned for next year. I am looking forward to you!