Womb Blessing – What women and men will gain from it!

As a Level 3 Moon Mother initiated by Miranda Gray, womb blessing has become an
important part of the work I do. However, many people do not know it yet and ask:
What is it actually and what do I get from it?
Well, the womb blessing is a transmission technique for divine female energy that
was developed by Miranda Gray and now consists of several blessing techniques.
They are suitable for men and women regardless of their religious orientation and
can be used in many different situations:
The womb blessing deepens the connection to the lap area, which is an important
energy center for women and men.
The blessing is a sacred act and as such is wonderfully suitable for performing rituals
in various situations, such as a wedding, a birthday, a special life event such as
motherhood, or when crossing special thresholds such as the menarche or the
Womb blessing generally strengthens the female energies on Mother Earth that we
currently need so badly.
The worldwide womb blessing, which takes place 5 times a year, is a ritual to connect
women with each other, to strengthen female energies and to heal Mother Earth.
A blessing ritual especially strengthens the connection to the goddess.
The womb blessing helps to balance and strengthen the four different energies in the
wheel of the cycle.
A dedicated set of blessings helps heal injuries and imbalances in female qualities
and reinforces the connection with them.
A special type of womb blessing is particularly gentle to strengthen or prepare for the
processing of diseases, operations and the like.
Womb blessing helps you accept situations and give yourself to what life has in store
for you.
The blessings are a spiritual path that is deepened with each session.
Womb blessing supports you in living your cycle balanced and free of symptoms.
The blessing prepares for parenthood and helps put one’s fertility in the hands of the
Wow, that’s a real bouquet of reasons for a womb blessing, but that’s not all. I myself
am very happy with the great wealth that womb blessing has brought into my life and
will surely bring in the future!

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