Womb Blessing


Womb Blessing is a wonderful blessing technique, developed by Miranda Gray, to help women regain their natural, cyclical power. In addition, there is also womb healing and worldwide womb blessing. When I experienced womb blessing for the first time, I was deeply touched and knew immediately that I wanted to work with it myself. Since then I have been initiated first to Moon Mother, then to Advanced Moon Mother (Level 2) and finally to Level 3 Moon Mother.

wombblessing-logo-modWomb means uterus or lap space, not only the organ itself, but also one of the three energetic centers of women. Terms such as the cauldron, which also refers to the holy grail from mythology, are common here. The womb is the center of our relationship with the earth and the world, the center for intimacy, creativity, sensual sexuality and female spirituality. The heart center, the chalice, is the second center connected to the breasts and hands. It holds the fullness and generosity, selfless and unconditional love. The third center is the pituitary gland in the brain, which is also called the star. It regulates the hormones and the amount of spiritual light that a woman can hold. An important part of all blessing techniques is the uterine blessing medi-tation, which is beautiful in itself and attuned to receive the energies of the blessing.


Womb BlessingWomb Blessing is a beautiful, powerful, empowering, nourishing and empowering prayer that activates self-healing powers. It affirms and confirms our femininity, our sense of who we really are and the freedom to be a woman with all the wonderful expressions and archetypes. The blessing awakens and energizes the three female power centers and stimulates their self-healing powers. It helps you to let go of your own deep behavior patterns and those of your ancestors and brings empowerment, love, beauty and grace.

As a Level 3 Moon Mother, I have (around the end of 2019) initiated around 200 other women to give womb blessing at the highest possible energy level at the moment. It is called “Female Energy Awakening into Light” and contains the blessing energy from Level 1 “Female Energy Awakening” and Level 2 “Female Energy Awakening into Love”.

In addition, I now have the initiation to offer 6 different blessing techniques:

  • “Opening to Secredness” Womb Blessing is a blessing technique that opens women to the presence of the sacred feminine in themselves and in their lives. The connection to the sacred female principle is strengthened. It is the celebration of the commitment to the goddess and can be celebrated as often as you like.
  • “Opening to Peace” Womb Blessing gives the woman the deep peace of the goddess. This blessing is very helpful in difficult situations such as health problems, loss of basic trust, trauma, grief, fears and much more.
  • The four “archetype” womb blessings, the blessing of the archetypes of women: the young woman, the mother, the sorceress and the wise old woman. These archetypes are contained in the female phases of life, the moon phases, the cycle phases and much more. The blessing techniques can be used to connect women with the respective qualities, to heal them and to be able to use them helpfully in everyday life.

All of these blessing techniques are profound and transformative. They support well-being, health and spiritual development in a very special way.

Additionally here is a link from Miranda Gray: What is the Womb Blessing?

Womb Healing does not have a transforming effect, but it has a balancing effect and is therefore a more gentle approach. It focuses on activating the three female centers and balancing the flow of energy between them. With the star, womb healing supports the hormonal cycle and opens the spiritual center. In the heart center, it regulates matters of the heart and love, care and giving and taking. In the lap center it strengthens the balance of the menstrual cycle and supports feelings of stability and wholeness. Here, too, I now use the significantly higher vibrating energies of Level 3.

Yoni Blessing is a blessing technique to honor and heal our gate to life through which we all came into this world. A wonderful instrument to honor the temple of femininity!

Womb Blessing - Miranda GrayWorldwide Womb Blessing takes place five times a year at four different times. Miranda Gray is supported by Moon Mothers worldwide in sending the blessing energy to women all over the world. In December 2019, for example, over 220,000 women from over 150 countries worldwide took part! It’s just wonderful to feel the power of connection between so many women! There are two ways to participate. On the one hand, it is possible to register on Miranda Gray’s homepage and be there in person. On the other hand, Moon Mothers like myself offer groups where women meet to enjoy the wonderful power of the women’s community together.