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Welcome to my homepage Womb Spirals!

founded by MMag.ª Bärbel Waltl 

Womb spiral stands for the special combination of supportive discussions and energetic treatments to accompany deep change processes. The following topics are involved:

    • Take possession of your own femininity, reconciliation with the womb
    • Activating the womb center for women and the hara center for men
    • Understanding and learning to live the female cycle as a valuable resource
    • Celebrate female mysteries (1st bleeding, Menopause …)
    • Unfulfilled desire to have children
    • Alternative methods of support for cycle complaints and gynecological issues
    • Supervision during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
    • Reconciliation with one’s own sexuality and opening of the sexual centers
    • Advice for couples
    • Dealing violent sexual experiences
    • Energetic approaches for pelvic floor weakness, hemorrhoids and scarring
    • Discovering your own divine feminine essence and feminine spirituality
    • Rituals for everything that you would like to celebrate.

Just ask if you have the impression that your topic could fit my offer, but is not explicitly stated here! The appointments can take place in person in my space in Graz, as a home visit within a radius of about an hour or online.

In addition, I offer various group offers such as red tents, cycle workshops and the like, for which I am also happy to be booked. The shop also has online workshops for everyone who wants to get started right away!