Doula Birth Support


Since pregnancy, childbirth and the childbed are important, formative events in the life of everyone involved, this period is particularly important to me. There is so much strength in it, but also so much vulnerability, so much joy, but unfortunately also pain. That’s why I particularly like to support during this time!


A doula is a companion for pregnancy, childbirth and the childbed, who as an experienced woman accompanies others through this particular phase of life. It is deeply astonishing how effective such support is in many ways, as studies have shown:

  • The duration of childbirth is reduced by 25%.
  • The Caesarean section rate drops by 50%.
  • Oxytozine administration drops by 40%.
  • The demand for a PDA is reduced by 60%.
  • The use of the pliers is reduced by 40%.
  • The need for painkillers is reduced by 40%.

Hard to believe, but true! I wonder why not all women give birth with the support of a doula!

And that’s not all: There is a clear positive impact on the relationship between mother and child, which is proven to be of great importance. The mother is more confident and less prone to depression. For the babies, there are significantly fewer nutritional problems, but more babies are breastfed. A doula’s support also means less stress for the father. It has been proven that the relationship between the parents and the relationship between father and child, are significantly better one year after birth.


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  • Hodnett et al., Study at the University of Toronto, 2005


On May 23, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended in the WHO report: “Political decision-makers and administrators should recognize that the best results in childbirth are achieved if continuous emotional support is not provided by people working at the hospital, but by DOULAS. This is particularly important where politicians want to lower the high Caesarean section rate of their hospitals or their countries.”

However, a doula is clearly NOT a substitute for a midwife. Doulas are not medical personnel and are neither authorized nor trained to perform the important task of the midwife.

Activities of a doula:

Photo taken at the Goddess Conference in Vienna, 2016

The word Doula means “servant of the woman” in Greek. So it’s about really being there for a woman and her needs. That means preparatory and follow-up discussions, holding hands, asking if anything is unclear, massaging your back, giving drinks, relieving the father, accompanying you to the toilet or to the operating room and much more.

It is important that a doula is not allowed to perform any medical activities, so it is not a substitute for a midwife or doctor. Nevertheless, she knows all sorts of tricks that make labor easier and can improve the situation.




My personal strengths as Doula during childbirth:

  • Being there for you, but also..
  • Withdrawing immediately whenever that is what you need
  • Meet you where you are with your attitudes, fears, wishes and preferences
  • Support you in your personal responsibility
  • Promoting the process of birth, using the Yoni steam bath, in consultation with the midwife
  • Keeping my nerve when it gets stressful
  • My good empathy
  • I have heard many times that women feel “at home” with me
  • I am also happy to be there for you if your situation is somehow stressed


If you want to be accompanied during pregnancy, I offer:

  • Monitoring and support through your pregnancy, according to your needs
  • Spiritual guidance through pregnancy
  • Blessings for special preparation for birth and motherhood (also for fathers / couples)
  • The red tent, because deep, supportive connection with other women is simply good
  • Autogenic training for birth preparation
  • Preparation for childbed
  • Support for childbirth through the Yoni steam bath


After the birth and in childbed I also have some offers if you:

  • Want to process a difficult birth process
  • Suffer from fear, self-doubt or sadness
  • Feel that you are not getting along well with your baby, e.g. because it cries a lot.
  • You want to celebrate a new chapter in your life as a mother
  • You are looking for support in reversing dilation through childbirth.
  • Want to support your body in the recovery process with vaginal steaming


Do you feel like it? Are there any questions left?

Just call me, I am very happy to be there for you! 0043-699-10243180