Gentle Hormone Stimulation


Heinke Zart teaches the wonderful method of fertility massage in Germany, consisting of gentle touching and laying hands on certain parts of the body. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use the term “massage” in Austria because it is reserved for massage therapists under trade law. As an energetic scientist, I can do this work very well, so I decided to use the term “gentle hormone stimulation”. But it is important to me to make it clear that I fully rely on the well-known fertility massage.

Gentle hormone stimulation leads to holistic well-being. It promotes female self-confidence and helps the body to mobilize its self-healing powers. It regulates the hormonal balance, strengthens the reproductive organs and gently paves the way to female wholeness.

There are many possible uses for gentle hormone stimulation, here are the most important ones:

  • Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • General abdominal and menstrual problems
  • Irregular cycle and irregular bleeding
  • hormone fluctuations
  • Improvement of the spermiogram of the male partner
  • For relief during pregnancy
  • During the exciting phase of the menopause

Individual appointments are very helpful to initiate deeper changes, but 6 energetic treatments at weekly intervals are ideal. This applies to most topics and is good self-care once a year. If you want to have children, two runs a year would be optimal, unless of course your baby comes faster than the second run!

The single session costs 80,- with 60 minutes, if you book the series straight away, the package costs only 420,-

I am looking forward to you!