Links & Literature


I have collected some websites and books here that are interesting for and important to me. Of course, I cannot agree with the content in all respects and do not take any responsibility for the content on these pages or in these books. I am also looking forward to further recommendations. Have fun browsing!




  • Gray, Miranda: Red Moon. Understanding and Using the Creative, Sexual and Spiritual Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle. Upfront Pub Ltd, 2009.
  • Gray, Miranda: The optimized Woman. Using your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. Orca Book Services, 2009.
  • Francia, Luisa: Dragontime, Magic and Mystery of Menstruation. Ash Tree Pub., 1991.
  • Shuttle, Penelope & Redgrove, Peter: The Wise Wound: Menstruation and Everywomen. Marion Boyars Publishers LTD, 2005.
  • Angier, Natalie: Woman: An Intimate Geography. Virago, 2014.
  • Garfield, Patricia: Women´s Bodies, Women´s Dreams. Ballantine Books, 1988.
  • Maurine, Camille & Roche, Lorin: Meditation Secrets for Women. Discovering your Passion, Pleasure and Inner Peace. HarperOne, 2001.
  • Weed, Susan S.: Healing Wise, BOOMOESFZO, 2003.
  • Weed, Susan S.: Healing Wise: The Wise Woman Herbal. Ash Tree Publ., 2003.
  • Gimbutas, Marija: The Living Goddesses. University of California Press, 2001.

And many more!