I always enjoy reading any feedback women give me about my offers. I have put together a few for you here.

“Bärbel replaced the mother I missed.”

                              Anonymous, after giving birth


“It was through my friend that I found out about Womb Blessing for the first time. In anticipation and full of curiosity, we drove to Graz for the worldwide womb blessing. The ambience on site alone inspired me. I immediately felt comfortable. It is a new, great, powerful experience to focus on your most intimate areas. To become more conscious again – YES, I am a WOMAN and may live it !!!!!
Thank you for being there and thank my inner goddess !!”



“A touching, powerful evening in the circle of women that has a long-lasting effect. Thank you again for the evening so beautifully designed by you – I will definitely be back!”

                          Elke Klösch


“The visits to Baerbel were always very warm. I felt welcome and wanted from the start. No matter how much “previous experience” you bring with you or where you come from, there is a place for everyone to easily reach a branch of the tree of femininity.

I was particularly impressed by the red tent. Going into the tent encourages you to leave all the dead weight you carried with you all day long, in front of the tent door. You can give yourself fully to the comfort and security of the tent and the women in it. The energies that form in this place are shared with each other and they can be so touching and captivating that nobody wants to get up anymore and you just sit next to each other in silence and enjoy. I especially want to recommend the blessing. To experience this was something special and I couldn’t miss the echo afterwards. Thank you Bärbel for your tent, time and for you!”



“I learned a lot, Bärbel explains so sensitively, competently and very authentically. After following streaming on Instagram for a long time, I am now thrilled to be able to start it under the expert guidance of Bärbel and to make it an integral part of our self-care for me and my daughters. Bärbel is clearly a woman who is there for women. Your support is truly a gift!”



“I have been doing Yoni steam baths regularly for over half a year, it is a very special experience, it is so good. I feel that the entire lap area is supplied with blood. I usually do it before going to sleep and I realize that I can sleep particularly well that day. I am thrilled with the Yoni steam bath, so I want to learn more. Since I cannot speak English, I am very pleased that Bärbel is offering a workshop in German and I hope it will not stay just one. THANK YOU dear Bärbel for being you and for your work that is so valuable!”